First Egg Bank started cooperation with Halitus Instituto Medico, cutting edge ivf clinic, located in Argentine. We recommend Halitus for fertility patients, who are looking for ivf using frozen donor eggs in Argentina. First Egg Bank confirms outstanding success rates of egg donation cycles, performed in this clinic: 64% of clinical pregnancy rate and 97% of survival rate (statistic on cycles, performed using First Egg Bank vitrified oocytes).

Why In Halitus?

Starting the search for a child in a way that differs from the expected one, requires a different accompaniment.

In Halitus we offer fertility patients, the latest assisted reproduction technologies: IVF, egg donation , assisted hatching, ICSI, IUI . Since 1997 more than 6000 babies were born.

Halitus team

We work as a team because we believe that multidiscipline is the best approach for complex problems such as infertility. We understand health as a whole, and we take care of it in an integral way with an emphasis on the body, but also on the mind. We have been reunited team of professionals to ensure the best care. Thus, with all the information, the containment and the analysis of the possible alternatives, we can decide together with each patient the best treatment.

Because we conceive this road as a journey, which will bring surprises and you will need a great serenity to cross it. Because we are convinced that, where there is love, there is a family.


Halitus Instituto Medico

Argentine, Buenos Aires

+5411 5273 2000



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