In case the specialists of your clinic currently do not have a command of vitrified oocytes thawing technique and can not deal with vitrified oocytes, Embryology KIT Hands-on Training will help you in successful acquisition of the vitrified oocytes thawing technique and will reveal all secrets which will help you to increase the percentage of survived oocytes.

Course duration: 2 days

Fee: 490 € (covers course materials, supplies and meals)

Hands-on training on oocyte warming technique includes:

  • Learn theory of warming technology.
  • Ideal culture systems/procedures for thawed oocytes/embryos.
  • Hands on training on vitrification/warming procedures.

Advantages of Embryology KIT warming training:

  • Manual and video on oocyte warming technique;
  • International Certificate;
  • 30 days of Free consultation with course teachers.

We guarantee that after accomplishing the training you will gain considerable advantages of the work with vitrified oocytes and will be able to implement acquired knowledge in everyday practice of your clinic.


Training registration:

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