First Egg Bank becomes Ovoria

Dear Partner Clinics and Intended Parents, we would like to inform you about the fantastic news that First Egg Bank will be rebranded


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Through Ovoria you will benefit from our high quality and trustworthy commitment to both clinics and intended parents. Backed up by the Medicover Group which is one of European leading private health care providers

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Online egg donor search

Embryo guarantee

500 IVF doctors

200 IVF, egg donation clinics

Ovoria is a science-driven, customer-oriented worldwide egg donor bank. We are making new life possible by offering the highest quality donor oocytes for intended parents and fertility clinics. The Ovoria egg bank unveiles the best standards in oocytes vitrification, thawing and distribution all over the world

International fertility expertise

Large egg donor selection

Guarantees for each set of oocytes

Why Ovoria Donor Egg Bank?

Easy egg donor selection

Anonymous and open ID egg donors

Family limit control

Transparent ART industry standards

Quality in the first place

Worldwide delivery

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Ovoria is a licensed tissue centre that is operating according to the European Tissue Directive, Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Our highly experienced team of professionals includes fertility specialists, embryologists, geneticists who have academic degrees in medicine and are members of ESHRE, ASRM and UARM

Combining the cutting edge cryo solutions, rigorous donor screening using extended genetic testing of 400+ gene disorders, Ovoria has become the leading egg donor bank on the market

Ovoria has its own world class clinical facilities based within the Medicover Fertility clinic in Ukraine. With our dedicated team of embryologists who oversee the complex processes of egg donor recruitment, screening, oocytes retrieval, vitrification, storage and distribution. We offer a comprehensive solution: from oocytes vitrification to the delivery of biomaterial to the chosen clinic of intended parents

Trust the Leader

Medicover is one of the most reputable medical brands having its facilities in 16 countries worldwide – Germany, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Britain, Russia, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and India

Medicover is a leading international healthcare provider based in Europe and has an expanding footprint in India and Ukraine

SellmerDiers is a sperm bank which operates in three cities Aarhus, Copenhagen and Aalborg and is the third largest European sperm bank

Klinikk Hausken is leading private IVF group and consist of four clinics performing over 2,800 cycles per annum, with the Oslo facility being Norway’s largest private in-vitro clinic

InviMed is a network of fertility clinics that has helped to bring the joy of parenthood to thousands. It was founded in 2001 in Warsaw, in the heart of Europe. Today they are a group of 5 fertility clinics located across Poland

Intersono clinic has been successfully providing fertility treatments for 15 years. We specialize in performing IVF cycles, fresh egg donation cycles, cycles with vitrified donor oocytes, oocyte and embryo vitrification, ovarian tissue preservation,

and surrogacy treatment

Ovoria egg donor bank has elaborated transparent guarantees system on vitrified donor oocytes. We guarantee 80% of survival rate for the set of 6 oocytes. 2 embryos are guaranteed for the set of 8 oocytes, and 3 embryos for 12 oocytes respectively

Ovoria Egg Bank

Medicover Group

Antonovycha street,

10279057 Lviv, Ukraine

United Kingdom: +44 203 807 90 07

Canada: +1 613 416 90 70

France: +33 17 997 89 88

Spain: +34 91 008 29 88

Brazil: +55 613 181 04 88

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