„Ein Samenspender für eine Familie“ ist unser Sonderangebot, das die Einzigartigkeit Ihres zukünftigen Babys garantiert.

Von diesen Spendern wird nur jeweils eine Sperma-Dosis eingefroren, also können Sie sicher sein, dass jede andere Schwangerschaft ausgeschlossen ist. Wenn Ihr Traum ist, eine Familie zu gründen und Mutter zu werden, - ist dieses Angebot eine ausgezeichnete Gelegenheit für Sie, ihn jetzt zu verwirklichen.

Vorteile des Programms „Ein Samenspender für eine Familie“:

  • Sicherheit, dass Ihr zukünftiges Baby einzigartig sein wird;
  • Keine anderen Schwangerschaften von dem gewünschten Spender;
  • Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit;
  • Der Samen kann bis 2 Jahre aufbewahrt werden;
  • Die Chance zu nutzen und den Traum, Mutter zu werden, verwirklichen zu lassen;
  • Ein persönlicher Koordinator, der Sie mit allen notwendigen Informationen versorgt.

Mit dem Angebot „Ein Samenspender für eine Familie“ erhalten Sie:

  • 1 Vial (Fläschchen) mit 2,0 ml Samen;
  • 2 Jahre Samenaufbewahrung;
  • Genetisches Screening und Bluttest, der im Preis enthalten ist.


Das Angebot kostet 1.840 Euro, inklusive:

  • 1 Vial (Fläschchen) mit 2,0 ml Samen (1.200 Euro)
  • 2 Jahre Samenaufbewahrung (640 Euro)


Die Lieferung von Samen ist nicht im Preis inbegriffen. Für weitere Fragen rund um die Lieferung nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf. Sie können auch mehr über unseren Kurierdienst unter http://www.first-egg-bank.com/courier-service erfahren.

List of Exlusive Sperm Donors


DAZ1186 PH

DAZ1186 is kind, caring and patient. He is very friendly and polite. Just look at his childhood photo! At first sight he might seem to be a future actor but at school his favorite subject was science. He likes to spend time with family and friends, his favorite time of a year is summer and that's why he enjoys being outdoors and staying active. He loves to take photos, climbimg and archery. This donoris very charismatic and creative. He has brown eyes and hair, he is always very neat. He shines with optimism and it is really easy to start up a conversation with him that describes him as a sociable person. Overall, donor DAZ1186 enjoys even the little things in life. And his expressive face lights up when he talks about something he's excited about, especially his young son. 


KYY0381 PH

KYY0381 is a highly educated, sportive and strong man. His strengths are compassion, intuition and wisdom. KYY0381 is an engineer, a hard-working, dedicated and focused on his goals person.  He likes spending weekend outside, playing football with friends, going to the countryside with his family and having some picnic. He has many friends and he is always looking for ways to help others. What's his credo? - "Whatever you do, do with all your might". 


JPB0290 PH

JPB0290 is well educated, kind and patient man. He goes to the gym every day and eats only healthy food in order to stay fit and healthy. Donor loves playing football with friends on weekend and participating in staff football matches. Being gifted with mathematics skills, he became a professional computer programmer and high level specialist. Donor JPB0290 likes animals, especially dogs and wants to take a dog from an animal shelter when his child becomes older because he believes that it will help his daughter grow up responsible and careful. His favourite time is time he spends with his family - when they have dinner altogether, his daughter tells how her school day was and then watch their favourite comedies. 


WMY0380 PH

WMY0380 seems to be a dream of every woman in the world! A tall and handsome blonde guy with crystal blue eyes, he cannot easily slip through your eyes, You will definitely recognize him. WMY0380 is sporty and athletic, strong supporter of a healthy lifestyle. He cannot imagine himself without  power sports such as boxing, and purely male kinds of sports like football, volleyball. In his opinion, the main source of vital energy is physical activity in relation with nutritious food such as meat and vegetables which he usually cooks on his own for the family. WMY0380 is a caring and loving father of two lovely daughters who make the whole sense of his life. Horse riding gives lots of fun for all of them, especially for two little cuties, And the greatest joy for WMY0380 is to see the shining smiles on the face of his daughters.


BVS0377 PH

BVS0377 is an intelligent, energetic and athletic man. He likes playing piano and guitar. He likes dogs so much that independently started a non-profit organization to help pets, particularly dogs. Can you imagine that he is such a caring man? BVS0377 is a highly educated and very experienced lawyer with high level of performance in relationship building, decision-making and communication. He is a man who knows how to style up and look smart making a woman proud and delighted to go out with.



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