Successful partnership between First Egg Bank and In Vitro Embriologia Clínica e Consultoria has brought positive results for patients of Assisted Human Reproduction in Brazil.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is stabilising, the return to normal daily life will also see the need to restart the provison of ART treatments. Infertility is a disease and once the risk of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infection is decreasing, all ART treatments can be restarted for any clinical indication, in line with local regulations.

First Egg Bank offers for USA and Canadian based couples to choose egg donors from customized Egg Donor Catalog. This catalog includes genetically screened egg donors according to FDA requirements.

Egg donation is an effective way to overcome infertility when a donated egg is healthier than eggs from your ovary. Once they have made the decision to move to egg donation, couples want to know more about their potential donors. Donor screening refers to the way IVF centers test potential donors to be sure that their eggs will offer a safe alternative for family building.

At First Egg Bank we understand the importance of Covid-19 prevention measures, we need to protect our employees, as well as donors and clinic visitors.



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