Family - this is a sacred word with a very strong and at the same time special meaning for each loving parent. In our day to day work we meet people for whom family is not just a word but the real sense of life where warmth and light of the children’s laughter are present. 

Welcome at First Egg Bank booth 1055 on ASRM 75th Congress, which will take place the 12-16th October, Philadelphia, USA.

Since 2006, assisted reproduction in Sweden has been regulated mainly by the Genetic Integrity Act (2006:351). Several other acts, as well as regulations and general advice from the National Board of Health and Welfare, have an impact on regulations in this area. A number of international conventions must also be taken into account.

First Egg Bank is looking for a motivated, result oriented International Business Development Manager on the market  of: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Austria, Portugal, Italy, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Phillippines, Australia. 

Since January 2019, when Sweden has opened the IVF market for the import of donor oocytes, First Egg Bank managed to build strong relations with local ivf clinics and centers.



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