10 Facts about sperm

Speed of movement

Human sperm cells move with great speed up to 4 mm per minute, the slowest are moving at a speed of 1 mm/min. At the same time, just imagine – the size of the sperm cell is only 55 microns in length; in other words, it is 0,055 mm. Average path length in the uterine tube is 175 mm, thus, in order to overcome this way sperm cells need 44 minutes, but that's in theory, in practice it takes 3 days.

The probability of conception is only 25% 

Even a healthy couple, practicing unprotected sex, may have the probability of conception only up to 25%. If you wear tight-fitting pants, instead of boxers, your chances are much lower. Body temperature of most mammals is 3-6 degrees higher than the temperature of the scrotum. The increase of scrotum temperature to the body temperature leads to cessation of spermatogenesis during cell division.

Sperm cells always move upstream

One of the reasons for so long time of sperm cells path is that they move against the fluid flow. Only every fifth sperm cell moves in the right direction after ejaculation.

Speed of flight

During ejaculation human sperm moves with the speed of 70 km/h.

Life expectancy

After the maturity stage of about 64 days the sperm cell can remain in the male’s body for a month. In the ejaculate they are able to survive depending on the environmental conditions (light, temperature, humidity) up to 24 hours. In the vagina sperm cells die within a few hours. In the uterine cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes sperm cells remain alive up to 3 days. However, some of the successful sperm cells can live for about 70 years.

Spoon of sperm

An adult male produces a tablespoon or 2-4 ml of sperm at a time. By contrast, wild boar produces a glass of sperm or 250 ml.

Size really matters

One of the largest sperm cells in the world have been discovered in rats – 170 microns in length. A large number of mammals, including humans, have one of the smallest sperm cells, only 40 microns in length. A tiny fruit fly drosophila has the largest sperm cells. If you straighten their spiral bodies, their length will equal 2.5 cm.

Time to mature

Sperm cells need two and a half months to grow. The question is – where are sperm cells during all this time? Storage and maturation of sperm cells take place in the epididymis, on average, each epididymis has 150-200 million sperm cells stored. In case of ejaculation absence, sperm cells accumulate in the tail of the epididymis, where they can remain viable for several weeks. Non-ejaculated “old” sperm cells undergo a process of destruction – phagocytosis.

Sperm as a source of nutrients

Sperm cells occupy only 5% of the total seminal fluid volume, the rest – is a combination of nutritional and protective substances, which maintain cells on the way to the egg.

Healthy food

How to improve the quality of your sperm? You have to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid junk food and excess weight, be more in the fresh air, take vitamins, hold back from smoking and drinking. In addition, it will produce more sperm and sperm cells will also be more active.



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