We have been conducting egg and sperm donor programs for many years.

We have never categorized them. However, today,  more questions are raised concerning such terms as a anonymous and non-anonymous egg donors requested by law and by the patients.

Deciding whether to use a identifiable (non-anonymous) donor who agrees to disclose personal information, or completely anonymous sperm or egg donor is a hot topic in infertility circles nowadays.

We would like to write about both of them for you to make a conclusion of which egg donor (anonymous or Open ID egg donor) to choose based on your internal feelings and your country law.

  • The majority of egg donations are anonymous and all donor information is completely confidential all. Donor files are numerically coded. The First Egg Bank takes care to protect donor’s privacy. Our donor and patient agreements clearly protect donors and release them from any obligation and custody over any child which was born as the result of donor’s  participation in donation program. In most cases you will never know the donor’s name. We can provide you with the basic information like a height, weight, age, skin color, hair and eyes color. You have an opportunity to see donor’s child photo, learn more about donor’s interests and hobbies. We provide our patients with donor’s profile information and medical history. Choosing anonymous or non-anonymous donor depends on laws of each country.
  • More and more donors decide to become non-anonymous (identifiable). First Egg Bank Egg donor catalog includes a lot of young women who have signed the consent and become non-anonymous. On reaching legal age (18 years old), the child can have the non-anonymous donor’s identity disclosed. Your future child will be able to receive donor`s personal details from our partner clinics (first passport page scan and signed forms). Our law does not permit any contact between patients and donor in order to guarantee safety for both parties, howewer, having a personal information, child  can dispose it on his/her own will.


If you want to be sure that your child will be able to learn the donor’s identity in the future, you should choose a non-anonymous donor.

Decision of choosing anonymous or non-anonymous donor is up to you only. You should think about what is important for you and what will be the best option for your future child.



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