New Canadian regulations came into force February 4, 2020. The main goal of all these changes is to to improve the system of donor testing before donor reproductive cells are imported to Canada. 

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IVF in Canada

Infertility affects one in six heterosexual couples in Canada, and for same-sex couples, clinical options are often the only option to have a baby.  Once an experimental procedure, IVF is now considered the mainstay of reproductive medicine. In 2017, over 36 IVF clinics initiated over 33,000 IVF cycles in Canada. It has been estimated that approximately 1 to 2 percent of live births in Canada result from IVF and related treatments.

AHRA (Assisted Human Reproduction Act)  states that persons cannot be denied access to IVF on the basis of sexual orientation or marital status, barriers continue to exist for disadvantaged or marginalized groups. For example, services and information materials used by IVF clinics are often not inclusive of LGBTQB+ patients. Providing public coverage for IVF could help ensure that clinics provide services that do not reinforce health inequities based on race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation.


Egg donation in Canada

While the absolute number of cycles in which a donated egg was used has increased from year to year (631 in 2013 vs 722 in 2014) the relative percentage of cycles in which an egg donor was used has remained constant.

Currently, it is illegal in Canada to sell eggs and sperm. This legal framework, which has been in place since 2004 when the Assisted Human Reproduction Act came into force, has severely restricted options for patients needing an egg donor to conceive. However import of eggs from abroad is absolutely legal. Now a lot of Canadian intended parents use services of international donor banks and agencies for treatment on legal basis.


New ART regulations come into force in 2020

The Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations (Safety Regulations) come into force February 4, 2020. The Safety Regulations apply to donor sperm and ova intended for use in assisted human reproduction by a recipient who is not the spouse, common-law partner or sexual partner of the donor. 


What are new rules?

  1. Under the Safety Regulations, primary establishments are responsible for all of the processing activities with respect to sperm or ova and must register with Health Canada. 
  2.  Establishments that import or distribute sperm or ova must notify Health Canada.  
  3. Donor infectious testing must be conducted in Canadian or USA laboratory. Donor must undergo screening according to Health Canada Directive.

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How will change the process of ordering?

In First Egg Bank donor catalogs you can find donors who are compliant with all requirements of new regulation. These donors were specially tested in US lab according to requirements of US and Canada. 

Ordering process is easy:

  1. Start donor search at our Catalog of USA and Canadian compliant egg donors .
  2. Make an order.
  3. Conduct payment for biomaterial and delivery.
  4. Receive your order in settled date.

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