Just give a look on the list of celebrities, who get pregnant after 40, using egg donation or surrogate mother!

The last few decades are marked by two growing tendencies in the world: rapid Earth population growth and infertility rates at the same time. Global rates of infertility have remained relatively stable between 1990 and 2010, according to a study that compiled data from 277 national surveys in 190 countries. Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that in 2010, 48.5 million couples worldwide were unable to have a child.

Pop and movie stars, billionaires, bankers, and others whom we are all accustomed to see in the press suffering the same fertility problems, since they are the same people as we are and general statistics cannot come them by.

If to go to this statement deeper, almost every woman of modern show business appeals to doctors – reproductologists and programs with egg donation, because scenic life holds women up in reproductive age for a long time and the opportunity to become a mother appears when it is too late to do it without any medical help. It is important to know, cause celebrities has a lot of fans, who follow their example and delay the child delivery till the last moment even not being on the edge of glory.

When we see such celebrities as Elton John or Rikki Martin with their families we are certainly know that there was donor eggs used, but what about celebrities pregnant after 40, did they used own or donor’s eggs? From all infertility spheres donation is the biggest taboo for them, because all celebrities are beautiful and young looking, that nobody can should doubt that their biological clock is still fine.

We can only guess about it, but just give a look on this little list of women, who get pregnant after 40:

  • Nicole Kidman – actress, got pregnant in the age of 43 (also used surrogacy).
  • Kelly Preston – actress, John Travolta ‘s wife, delivered a child in the age of 47.
  • Mariah Carey – delivered twins in the age of 42.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – twins in age of 44 (with help of surrogacy).
  • Halle Berry – delivered a child in the age of 46.

Every famous woman, when shining on red carpet will never admit that she missed her time and using “her own eggs” not helping and won’t help and no matter how hard she has tried.

Each woman has a choice to tell or not to tell about how she get pregnant not depending whether she famous or not. IVF, donation, surrogacy is really hard morally and physically. Still, it is great that medicine allows us to do such things and to save thousands of families including beloved actors, musicians and singers when time to put the career aside comes.



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