At First Egg Bank we understand the importance of Covid-19 prevention measures, we need to protect our employees, as well as donors and clinic visitors.

We are in ongoing contact with local and international healthcare authorities.

First Egg Bank has implemented rigorous protection measures for its employees, embryology lab, donation department according to WHO guidelines:


  • Most of the administrative staff (coordinators, marketing and financial team) is working remotely from home and keeps providing customers with all necessary information.
  • We took under our control the hygiene and sanitary conditions of our facilities for the rest of employees, who continue to work at our offices, as well as current patients and donors.
  • Antiseptics have been installed at several points for the general convenience in order to ensure fast disinfection of hands.
  • Additionally there are coronavirus protection instructions located on all the front doors. At the entrance to our offices there is a medical representative measuring the temperature of employees and visitors. At presence of any suspicious symptoms the person is required to go home immediately. The above mentioned safety measures have been taken in order to prevent coronavirus infection spreading.
  • All donor stimulations are stopped. Our customers can be sure that all biological material obtained in the bank was before the epidemia, so the virus has no impact on the quality of biomaterial
  • Embryology lab is closed but in order to guarantee the safety and appropriate storage of frozen donor material, there are embryologists on duty who keep on working and controlling the quantity of liquid nitrogen, as well as the temperature inside the shipper.


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