Since 2006, assisted reproduction in Sweden has been regulated mainly by the Genetic Integrity Act (2006:351). Several other acts, as well as regulations and general advice from the National Board of Health and Welfare, have an impact on regulations in this area. A number of international conventions must also be taken into account.

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There is no age limit for access to treatment in the legislation. Nonetheless, the county councils, which take independent decisions on health and medical care in their respective areas, have limited access to treatment by introducing age limits. The upper age limit for IVF treatment is between 37 and 41 years for women, and 54 and 56 years for men.

Egg and sperm donation are permitted in Sweden. However, it is prohibited to combine donated eggs and donated sperm in the same treatment, or to use surplus embryos. The egg or sperm donor must also still be alive.

When couples use donated eggs or sperm, the physician must review whether, considering the medical, psychological and social circumstances, it is appropriate for treatment to take place. Insemination or fertilisation outside the body may only be carried out if it can be assumed that the prospective child will grow up under favourable conditions. Couples being treated with their own gametes do not have to undergo this special review.

Couples who have surplus fertilised oocytes following IVF treatment can choose to donate them to research, but they cannot donate them to other infertile couples. The right of disposition over supernumerary fertilised eggs is currently a legal uncertainty.

As a general rule, fertilised eggs may be stored in a frozen state for five years. There are no rules on how long unfertilised eggs and sperm can be stored.


Non anonymous egg donation

Egg Donation in Sweden is non-anonymous. Donor-conceived children have a legal right to access the data on the donor recorded in the hospital’s special record, when they have reached sufficient maturity. However, this requires that the parents have told the child about his or her orgins, including the fact that he or she is donor-conceived. The donor has no obligations to the child.

Under clinical practice, a donor’s reproductive cells can be used to treat six families.


Legalisation on gametes import since january 2019

Since January 2019 the import of frozen donor eggs and sperm became legal in the country, it means that Swedish IVF clinics are allowed to purchase donor eggs through external egg donor banks. The Swedish ART market became more open and transparent in terms of diversification of egg donor selection.

It also gives a huge advantage to intended parents, there is no need to wait for the donor during several months, in First Egg Bank online donor catalog, an egg donor can be booked immediately or the patient may apply for the assistance of egg donor coordinator, which will help to choose the suitable egg donor according to phenotypic characteristics within 1 day.


Process of Donor Oocytes Import through First Egg Bank

First Egg Bank has created transparent and clear egg donors ordering system. Here are next steps, which should be done by Swedish IVF clinic, in order to receive frozen donor eggs through our bank:

  1. Local IVF clinic should apply for the donor gametes import to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Sweden.
  2. After getting the import permit, the ivf clinic should send us the copy of it.
  3. 2 parts Agreement signing.
  4. Starting of egg donor’s selection and receiving of the full package of donor testings.
  5. Transportation details confirmation.

Please note! Before starting cooperation with a new ivf clinic, the embryology lab supervision should be done, prior the clinic starts to purchase through us. We will check which vitrification and thawing systems are used, the embryology lab equipment, as well as conditions of oocytes storage.


Shipping to Sweden

First Egg Bank Courier Service provides safe shipping of frozen donor eggs (oocytes), sperm and embryos from Europe to Sweden. Transportation takes place in a special cryoshipper equipped with temperature data logger and is performed under the constant care of our courier during its way to the final destination. You can be sure that donor reproductive cells will arrive at your clinic safely.

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