For many years, thousands of women revealed their desire to become our egg donors. Sure, it play on our favor and our database could count two, three or even five thousands donors.

Sure, it play on our favor and our database could count two, three or even five thousands donors. However, not all of them had a chance to participate in donation programs, since potential donors are chosen based on medical and other important indications exclusively.

First Egg Bank reveals the demands to our donors and why they are considered to be the best.

Here is the list of the egg donor requirements:

  • Medical indications. Our donors are of sound health, good – looking, strong and energetic women. They all have undergone all required tests to prove that they are worthy to be a donor and give others a chance for a happy motherhood.
  • There were a lot of cases, when fabulous, physically and mentally healthy women wanted to work with us, but they were not allowed to the program. Why so? The answer is – genetic history. We are responsible for our patients, that is why there is no doubts that woman, whose genetic history could undermine health of the future child, was excluded from the program.
  • Donor’s age. We are sure that the most effective programs are with donors from 18 to 35 years old.
  • Life attitude. All our donors had many conversations with the phycologist. We should be sure that they has no any psychological disorders. Also important to know the donors life attitude (the life she will bring by the participation in the donation program). We are pleasantly surprised, that each woman came to us with altruistic motives, what means that they are kind with both heart and soul.
  • Information. “Who owns the information – owns the world” as Winston Churchill said, but FEB owns the information about the donor. Our donors kindly fill in the form with the all information about themselves, including their interests and hobbies and tell us about their past and present. We can guarantee that the patient while choosing our donor will receive enough information about her.


Do we try to be known as the biggest bank of donor eggs or oocytes number?

Absolutely not. We are the quality proven over the years. We are First Egg Bank.



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