We are excited to announce that First Egg Bank have been rewarded by The IVF Bank Award in the nomination EGG BANK OF THE YEAR 2016.

IVF Clinic AWARD is an international award by IVF Media which shows the patients that the clinics and egg banks provide A1 quality treatment.

The IVF Award is an opportunity for patients to speak about the quality and standards of fertility treatments in various clinics and countries. The jury takes into consideration patient feedback and chooses one winner per each category. Only the egg bank providing exceptional services and having outstanding feedback from patients can be awarded.

We are proud that among 100 applicants from fertility clinics and egg banks, patients chosen First Egg Bank

We decided to share our story sent to IVF Bank Award organisators. You can see all our history from very beginning until 2017.

There comes a time in the life of every woman, a miraculous event that is trully lifechanging- the birth of a child. Since the advent of new technologies in reproductive medicine, and the emergence of in vitro fertilization and egg vitrification in particular, frozen egg banks have become increasingly popular. First Egg Bank implements the latest technology in reproductive medicine, which enables infertile couples to experience the joy of parenthood.

Trusted Egg Donor Bank

First Egg Bank is trusted egg donor bank. It was launched in 2008 and is a part of Medicover Fertility Family – consisting of top fertility clinics in Europe, and offering some of the highest success rates. Over 8 years of our intensive work we have established 12 international partnerships with key fertility clinics across Europe. With the constant availability of over 450 egg donors ready for stimulation in fresh cycles and more than 5000 highest quality vitrified donor oocytes, which can be instantly booked, we have established a close cooperation with leading IVF clinics in Europe.

Licensed Egg Bank

First Egg Bank acts according to the EU-Tissue Directive 2004/23/CE, 2006/17/EC, 2006/86/EC, and HFEA setting standards of quality and safety for the donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution, import and export of vitrified eggs, sperm and embryos. This means that First Egg Bank can deliver frozen donor eggs and sperm in all EU countries, UK, Australia, Africa, Latin America, Asia, as well as export outside of the EU and indicated regions.

Outstanding Success rates

Our average survival rate is 97%. Fertilization rate and embryo cleavage is 82% and 97% respectively. We have managed to reach 64% clinical pregnancy rate by now, however, we do know that the future holds for us higher results to be reached! We are proud to improve our outcomes, year by year, step by step assisting in bringing into life the lingering dream to start a family for more and more patients.

Quality Control System

We have implemented a quality control system for the donors’ material, thanks to which our foreign patients and partners can trust and choose the First Egg Bank. Through the Quality Control System we were able to reach the highest rates of success: 97% survival rate and 64 % CPR. The secret to our high quality of vitrified oocytes starts with meticulous screening of the donors.

  1. Egg donor screening – all donors undergo laboratory blood tests, diagnostic tests and genetic tests. They are conducted in the Europe’s leading laboratory - SYNEVO.

    All egg donors are screened according to the list of tests provided below and are rescreened immediately before starting the program.


  2. Egg donor stimulation and egg retrieval - We carefully control the process of donor stimulation until the moment of egg retrieval
  3. Embryology lab control: To guarantee a high quality of vitrification we use world-wide know solutions, embryologist-friendly Kitazato carriers, performance of the vitrification with precision following the work was done by the competent and experienced staff. During the vitrification of donor material, we follow the Double witnessing procedure. The procedure of double witnessing is required for greater control of all procedures that take place in the embryology lab with the aim of additional regulation of performance and prevention of any material mix up (this procedure is carried out for all stages of work which require the transfer of oocytes or embryos into a new dish).
  4. Exchange of program efficiency – For the formulation of statistics of oocyte survival rate after thawing, we exchange information with our partner clinics of the regular basis.
  5. Courier Service – we take the responsibility each step of the way: from the moment the donor is screened to the moment the frozen donor eggs safely reaches the doors of your clinic. Thanks to our team of professional couriers and latest dry shippers we guarantee out shipments 100%

Egg donor origin and traceability

We thoroughly monitor the origin of our egg donors. Most of our donors come from the ecological regions of Karpatian mountains in Poland and Ukraine. With its pure air, clean atmosphere and natural products, egg donors are young and healthy women without detrimental habits.

We also respect and introduced traceability control of every donor. We monitor the efficiency of every egg donor and know the number of born children in every country. Children born using donated sperm and eggs from our bank are able to trace their biological parents.

International Egg Donor Bank

First Egg Bank is an international egg donor bank with diverse egg donor phenotypes. We are proud to offer a vast choice of ethnically diverse International Travelling donors to our patients from all around the world:

  • Slavic phenotypes
  • Asian phenotypes
  • African phenotypes

Online donor selection & booking system – Donation Service©

Donor selection is extremely easy and convenient with First Egg bank. With its online booking system Donation Service © you can now choose the donor from home, work, or while on vacation. Choose your donor according to your requirements: register on the site, get a 7-day free access to a database with 450 egg donors and enjoy all the benefits of Donation Service ©. If you still need help in choosing a donor, please contact our egg donor coordinator and remember that egg donor matching is absolutely free for our patients and partners.

Embryology KIT©

Every partner and patient of the First Egg bank can be sure of the high quality of the oocytes. When starting a new partnership we take on the responsibility of achieving a highest percentage of survival rate after thawing. That is why we created the Embryology KIT - a guideline on the warming technique of the vitrified oocytes. Embryology KIT helps in unfolding all the secrets that are helpful in increasing the survival of oocytes. In 2016 First Egg Bank embryology lab obtained 18 000 oocytes and we performed 2500 cycles. We have introduced an individual compensation scheme for our partners, whereby we guarantee 2 embryos and an 80% oocyte survival.

Courier Service©

First Egg Bank provides safe and reliable transporting frozen eggs (oocytes), cryopreserved semen, embryos, as well as laboratory specimens, blood transport, medical records or documents from First Egg Bank to our Partner clinics or any other IVF clinics worldwide. Medical courier service is available both for individual patients and for the IVF clinics we collaborate with. Transportation of the shipper is performed with a constant control in the cabin of the plain as hand luggage.

Online customer communication – Jivosite technology

We understand the importance of modern technologies of online communication. We implemented an online chat system Jivosite, on our website. Our FEB support team is there to give professional advice concerning egg donor selection, booking and shipment 24/7. Apart from the available online chat, all the necessary information if available on our website. If you have a question - we will happily answer!



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