This spring is the best time to buy eggs! We offer our patients and partners highest quality vitrified eggs, sperm and embryos.

First Egg Bank is a trusted European Egg Donor Bank, which was launched in 2008 and is a part of Medicover Fertility Family – top fertility clinics in Europe. With the constant availability of over 450 egg donors with proven fertility and more than 5000 highest quality vitrified donor oocytes, we have established fruitful cooperation with the leading IVF clinics worldwide.

Egg Bank of the year 2016

First Egg Bank has been awarded with The IVF Bank Award in the EGG BANK OF THE YEAR 2016 nomination.


IVF BANK AWARD is an international award granted by IVF Media which shows the patients that the clinics and egg banks provide A1 quality treatment.

Visit First Egg Bank stand C56, participate in our lottery and get a chance to win:

  • Free Embryology KIT oocyte warming training.
  • Free vapor Shipper.

All visitors of the stand will get guaranteed 10% discount on first order of vitrified oocytes, sperm and embryos.

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