Welcome at First Egg Bank booth 1055 on ASRM 75th Congress, which will take place the 12-16th October, Philadelphia, USA.

USA fertility patients, who are looking for frozen donor eggs or sperm from abroad may select them in Europe through First Egg Bank.  First Egg Bank is Ukrainian egg donor bank that belongs to the human cell and tissue establishments of FDA, which are allowed to import human reproductive cells (oocyte, sperm, embryos) to USA.

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Main Features of First Egg Bank:

  • FDA registered Egg Donor Bank.
  • USA egg donor catalog.
  • Caucasian, Asian, African phenotypes.
  • Full diagnostic and genetic screening.
  • DNA storage.
  • Safe transportation to USA.

When: 12-16th October 2019

Where: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, USA.

Floorplan:  https://events.jspargo.com/ASRM19/Public/EventMap.aspx?shavailable=1

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