We are ready to announce creation of the new catalog of VIP Egg Donors.

VIP egg donor catalog includes premium egg donors with extraordinary beauty and high educational level.  All VIP egg donors are young women of 18-35 years with proven fertility. Among them, you will find models, economists, mathematics, and marketing managers.

We were extremely responsible in the process of donors’ selection for VIP egg donor catalog: all donors underdo medical examinations, counseling with a psychologist, and genetic testing. View fill list of egg donor screening.

You may start searching for donors who meet your requirements by using Search Criterias such as: donor ID number; donor race; blood type, weight, height, natural hair colour and type, natural eye colour; body mass index.

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Benefit with the next VIP Egg donor Catalog options

The VIP Catalog contains a qualitatively updated functionality that allows the patient to get acquainted with the donor more closely: 3D donor view, video interview with the donor, listen donor voice. We understand how important is the process of selecting an egg donor for future parents, considering fact, that it is impossible to see a donor live. That is why we have upgraded the personal profile of the donor by adding the following options:

  • Adult photos gallery (full size photos)
  • 3D Donor View (new option!)
  • Video Interview (new option!)
  • Family tree (new option!)
  • Message to the future child (new option!)


VIP Egg Donor Profile

On personal egg donor profile you will find detailed information about donor personality: donor race, donor age, blood type, weight, height, natural hair colour, education.

Additionaly you would be able to:

  • Download Donor Personal profile
  • Download Donor Medical History
  • Add donor to Wish List
  • View donor in 3D virtual reality

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3D Donor view

3D Donor View technology allows future parents to "see the donor live" to look at the donor from all sides, get acquainted with the body build of the woman. Feel comfortable, and start searching most suitable egg donor. Zoom in, zoom out the screen, all these options are designed to make the donor's view easier.

3D donor view


In order to start VIP donors search you have to follow the link https://ds.first-egg-bank.com/catalog-31085/#donors and register.

Only after the registration donor review becomes available.



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