Happy family with ringing smiles of children is probably one of the dreams that every woman cherishes in her heart. Having full awareness of how it is important for the females to experience such feelings in everyday life, First Egg Bank’s team puts all efforts into helping infertile couples from different corners of our globe sense the joy of parenthood.

In order to increase your chances for successful pregnancy we introduce the promo offer for infertile couples, who are looking for frozen donor oocytes. Order 8 or 12  oocytes and get + 2 oocytes for FREE or 1 Sperm straw for FREE*

* Straw motility 5, 10, 20+ 

Promo offer 2 free oocytes 1 sperm straw

Short explanation about how many oocytes, patients are reccommended to order to ensure the highest chance of a baby (live birth rate):

  • The chance that a single frozen donor egg will lead to a live birth is about 2% to 12%
  • The chance to have a live birth from 5 oocytes is about 20 to 25%
  • Statistical data of FEB shows 91% of clinical pregnancy in case 3 blastocyst have been available for a patient.
We recommend the set of 8 oocytes in order to have an ability to increase patient’s success with cumulative transfers.

Offer rules

  • Discount offer is valid from 21.02.2019 till 01.05.2019.



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