Successful partnership with “In Vitro Clinical Embryology and Consulting” (Brazil)


Successful partnership between First Egg Bank and In Vitro Embriologia Clínica e Consultoria has brought positive results for patients of Assisted Human Reproduction in Brazil.


First Egg Bank is the largest European gamete donor bank, headquartered in Ukraine, and opened in 2008. As it has a long history of success, First Egg Bank has been consolidating itself as the most experienced bank in Europe and in the world. It has more than 450 egg donors, more than 5000 vitrified oocytes and more than 200 semen donors.


In Vitro Embriologia Clínica e Consultoria, the official representative of First Egg Bank in Brazil, was created with the objective of supporting the Assisted Human Reproduction clinics in laboratory control and offering solutions in Clinical Embryology, Andrology and Fertility Preservation.


Founded in 2015 by Dr. Jhenifer Kliemchen Rodrigues, PhD specialist in Clinical Embryology and PhD in Sciences- Reproduction Biology with international experience and partnerships, it started the partnership with First Egg Bank in mid-2018, and today there are about 40 clinics in throughout the Brazilian national territory, which receive gametes from Europe and present excellent results.


The first group of patients in 2018 who received oocytes through this partnership has already celebrated with us the first birth of a baby! A beautiful girl!


Throughout 2019 we work hard to provide the best service for Brazilian patients. And during the year 2019, we managed to serve a total of 79 patients in the 5 regions of Brazil. The Anvisa report showed that in 2017, 51 samples were brought from all international gamete banks supplying to Brazil, and in 2019 only from First Egg Bank, through In Vitro Embriologia Clínica e Consultoria, there were 79 patients. This shows how much the clinics and patients, over this time, were satisfied with the service and care provided, which we seek to improve even more each day.


For 2020, the growth projection is significant, considering the number of patients who have already received gametes this year, and who are in the process of receiving it soon (43 patients between January and April 2020).

The average survival rate of oocytes on thawing is between 87 to 92%, fertilization rate is 78 to 84% and clinical pregnancy rate is between 48 to 66%. This is possible due to the high quality of the donated biological material, accurate donor selection and screening criteria, updated monitoring of gamete donation results, high-tech laboratory equipment and a team in Europe and Brazil, passionate about what they do.


The best clinical and laboratory practices, as well as the trust established in Brazilian clinics throughout this time, allows First Egg Bank to offer a guarantee of the quality of the service provided. Thus, for each contracted service plan, there is a differentiated guarantee that today includes embryonic formation.


In Vitro Embriologia Clinica e Consultoria has a team specialized in helping the patient since the selection of the donor, which must also be approved by the doctor responsible for the care of the patient, and also takes care of the document organization, submission of the necessary documents to the Anvisa and intermediation of contact between patient, clinics and First Egg Bank, for the arrival of biological material in clinics where the patient will perform the treatment.


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