Want to boost sperm count? First Egg Banks recommends the special diet with top 5 foods for increasing the quantity of spermatozoa and sperm quality.

Our website contains the list of all necessary screenings, which sperm donors have to undergo before starting the program. Sperm donors undergo full medical screening, including tests on sexually transmitted infections and full genetic screening.

Sperm sample should meet such requirements:

  • volume of ejaculate more than 2 ml;
  • concentration of spermatozoa in 1 ml - 80 million;
  • progressive motility forms more than 60%;
  • morphologically normal more than 60%;
  • concentration of leukocytes in 1 ml - less than 1 million;
  • survival rate after sperm thawing - more than 50%.

Sperm donor rates should be above average statistic values, because it should properly tolerate the effect of extremely low temperatures (-196°C - the temperature of liquid nitrogen), since we keep only cryopreserved donor sperm in our bank.

However, few people knows, that after confirmation of the donor’s participation in the program we recommend him special diet. First Egg Bank always wants to give more, since we are interested results to be not just good but the most effective!

Firstly, sperm donors should reduce consumption of fat and heavy food, and start take vitamins and fruits on regular basis, what increases “fertility” of sperm.

Secondly, we recommend our donors to consume the following products: corn, cheese, caviar, pumpkin seeds, nuts, liver, milk and fish because they improve the quality of sperm.

Thirdly, we do not recommend consuming a lot of cabbage and legumes, since they influence on the increasing of estrogen level.

Top – 5 product groups for increasing the quantity of spermatozoa and sperm quality:

1)    Dried apricots, red pepper, carrots.
Vitamin A, which these products contain, helps to grow up healthy spermatozoa and increase their motility.  2)    Tomatoes, strawberry.Vitamin C in these products influence on motility and viability of spermatozoa (how fast and effective they move). Yellow vegetables and fruits also contain this vitamin.

  • Eggs, seafood.
    These products are full of Zinc, and it’s insufficient amount leads to low testosterone level and decreases the number of spermatozoa.


  • Leafy green vegetables,

Man should receive enough of folic acid to increase the number of spermatozoa and their motility.


  • Salmon, anchovies,
    These products are rich on Omega 3. It increase the viability of spermatozoa and their amount.

We know how to achieve the maximum result by controlling our sperm donor’s health and diet. Choose one of 200+ sperm donors, listed on our online Sperm Donor Catalog https://ds.first-egg-bank.com/catalog-7131/#donors



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