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Donation and it's advantages

            Why should man become sperm donor? What comes on your mind when you read it? Is it really such a big shame to a man or it's just a miff? Let me lead your attention by the TOP 7 advantages to become a sperm donor.

            It is not a secret that nowadays lots of caplets can’t get pregnant. Most treatment programs includes the donation of a biomaterial in most causes it's sperm. So if you are healthy and conscious man that want to be helpful to society why not to become a sperm donor. Why should you donate sperm?


  1. Sperm donation is altruistic act of volunteering

For some couple the only way to become parents is to use the sperm donor. That is why being sperm donor is recognize as sense of social responsibility.  Some find the idea of passing on their genes important to their self-fulfillment, while others often know someone with fertility problems and know first-hand what a difference they can make. They know that for just a small inconvenience in their everyday lives they can help realize the dreams of so many people.


  1. REE ongoing health screening throughout the participation in the donor program.


Most of us know how much does it cost to pass all the medical tests and how much time person need to spend for it. However, when you are the participant in sperm donation program you get all this examinations for free. Tests, which will be passed by the donor, are: HIV-1 and -2; T. Pallidum; Hepatitis B (HBsAg); Hepatitis C; Chlamydia; Syphilis; Gonorrhea; Karyotype (46,XY); blood type.


  1. Perfect medical history for the donor and its family


By passing all the necessary medical tests, the donor will get the picture of his medical state and it will form his medical history, which in the future can be helpful for the donor in case he or the member of his family will get to the hospital. Being the member of the donors program make from man The Hero not only in the eyes of the unknown couple but also put him on a step higher in his own family, because maybe one day he will save the  life to one of his relatives.


  1. Anonymous way off hero act.


Almost in every European country, the sperm donors must be identifiable.  However, Ukraine goes in to the number of countries in with the donation of sperm, as oocytes are anonymous. It means that no one can spared the anonymous information about the donor such as its name, address or his passport information or make the meeting for the patients and donor. So, each man, that decided to become the sperm donor, is protected by the law and fill himself more freely around the people and not to be ashamed of his state.


  1. Financial support


The donation of the sperm is good opportunity to earn the extra summer of money. Of cause, it is not the job in the office or in other institution, it’s more comfortable. The man become a boss for himself. Person can make a schedule with the help of medical coordinator that is suitable for the both sides and get the compensation for his work.


  1. Chance to know that you are special


California Cryobank, one of the largest frozen-tissue banks in the world made a research, about what kind of person must be the sperm donor and what number of potential donors can be suitable for fertilization of couples. By this research, only 1% of all tested men could become a sperm donor. So, if you are the member of sperm donation program, you automatically get the ticket to VIP Clothed Cloud which includes only men that genetically, physically and medically are more special then another. 



  1. Feeling to know that somewhere in the world there it a little part of you.


Big cities, big number of people and as a fact not everyone can find for itself a couple. Almost 20% of citizens from big metabolizes are single but never the les they also want to know that after their death somewhere will be a person who will carry its genetic information and its wouldn’t be forgotten. That is why one of reasons to become sperm donor is the possibility to leave the offsprings after yourself even if you will not create a family but somewhere inside of you, there is a wish to have a baby. In other words, it is a good backup plan for continuation of your family line.




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