Since January 2019, when Sweden has opened the IVF market for the import of donor oocytes, First Egg Bank managed to build strong relations with local ivf clinics and centers.

 In August 2019, Head of Sales department, Alexandra Svitlychna visited our partner clinics in Sweden.  At Livio Fertilitetscentrum Falun we delivered for the first time frozen donor ovas and met the founder of the clinic, Mr. Staffan Nilsson.

LIVIO Fertilitetscentrum 01

LIVIO Fertilitetscentrum 03

LIVIO Fertilitetscentrum 04

Another warm meeting was at GynHälsan Fertilitetsklinik Minerva Fertility with Janet Candell, embryologist of the clinic. We were disscussing oocytes warming results and next shipment details.

We really hope to give Swedish couples the hope for the happy parenthood! 



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