The 11-12th of October Intersono Medicover group  - the affiliated clinic of First Egg Bank hosted the participants of the Workshop on donor oocytes vitrification and warming techniques.

During 1st day of the training, methods of vitrification and thawing of donor oocytes were discussed, as well as the role of the embryological laboratory in the preparation of vitrified donor material for transportation to patients ivf clinics. The main discussion topics are followings:

  • Theoretical basis of oocyte cryopreservation. Using the Kitazato protocol for oocytes vitrification and thawing.
  • Vitrification as a platform for the new fertility treatments.
  • Oocyte and sperm cryoshipping from lab to patients. Legal aspects and experience of transportation in EU countries, USA, Asia.
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As part of the training the 11th October was held the workshop "Vitrification and thawing of oocytes" by Laura Zamorano – Kitazato-Dibimed specialist. During 3 hours participants of the training were practicing the technique of freezing and thawing of donor oocytes.

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Bio Laura Zamorano

Laura earned a Master's degree in Biology at the University of Murcia (Spain), subsequently received a grant from the Okayama University in Japan. Worked in clinics in Geneva (Vivo Clinic), Madrid (Monteprincipe Hospital) and Valencia (IVI). Laura is now providing technical support and practical training on oocyte vitrification for fertility clinics and embryologists around the world.

Training was visited by embryologists from Austria (Wunschbaby Institut Feichtinger), Argentina (Halitus Instituto Medico), Romania (Wellborn hospital), Ukraine (Mini-IVF clinic).

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NEXT TRAINING COMING SOON: february 2019. Follow the news about next course on our website:



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