Since January 2019, when Sweden has opened the IVF market for the import of donor oocytes, First Egg Bank managed to build strong relations with local ivf clinics and centers.

5 years in a row First Egg Bank takes part at ESHRE Annual Meetings. 

35th ESHRE Annual Meeting is a small anniversary for us. This year the event took place the 23-26th June in Vienna, Austria. We were so excited to meet our partners and feel the spirit of more than 16 000 ESHRE members family! 

Discovering Italian Fertility market and opportunities.

It's our first time of taking part at Italian Fertility Congress CECOS 2019, which was held at Bologna, 24-25 January 2019.


Happy family with ringing smiles of children is probably one of the dreams that every woman cherishes in her heart. Having full awareness of how it is important for the females to experience such feelings in everyday life, First Egg Bank’s team puts all efforts into helping infertile couples from different corners of our globe sense the joy of parenthood.

The new IVF year. What it will prepare for us? We have been created this fertility events calendar 2019 for professionals in reproductive medicine: ivf doctors, embryologists, nurses and egg donor coordinators.



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