For many years, thousands of women revealed their desire to become our egg donors. Sure, it play on our favor and our database could count two, three or even five thousands donors.

We have been conducting egg and sperm donor programs for many years.

We have never categorized them. However, today,  more questions are raised concerning such terms as a anonymous and non-anonymous egg donors requested by law and by the patients.

We welcome you to visit First Egg Bank stand C56 during the ESHRE 2017, which will take place 2-5th July, 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.







Quality of oocytes (eggs) is a factor, which limits women’s fertility. Of course, sperm plays an important role in the formation of the embryo (number of father’s chromosomes and some factors, which are necessary for fertilization and further epigenetic changes) but the embryo’s destiny depends mainly on egg.

First Egg Bank offers 15% discount for the highest quality vitrified eggs, sperm and embryos. Start egg donor search now! Discount prices are valid from 15.03.2017 till 01.05.2017



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