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First Egg Bank Courier Service offers a complex solution to the issue of IVF samples cryoshipping, specializing in medical courier services throughout Europe and Overseas: our courier will ensure a door-to-door delivery of the shipper with biological material to a partner Clinic. We guarantee to issue of all necessary permits and customs documents as well as legal support. Our logistic experts arrange the transportation so it fully meets the IATA  (International Air Transport Association) regulations.

Reproductive cells transportation

First Egg Bank provides safe and reliable transporting frozen eggs (oocytes), cryopreserved semen, embryos. Donor egg courier service is available both for individual patients and for the centers we collaborate with. Transportation of the shipper is performed with a constant control in the cabin of the plain as hand luggage.

Medications and blood transportation

We also transport laboratory specimens, blood, medical records or documents from First Egg Bank to our Partner clinics or any other IVF clinics worldwide.

Why First Egg Bank Courier Service:

  • personal contact with clients;
  • advising on and checking of the documents;
  • planning and providing the logistics;
  • customs clearance guarantee;
  • online customer account access;
  • special temperature-sensing element monitors environment within the cryoshipper;
  • GPS tracking from the time the cargo is picked until it reaches its destination on time;
  • 24/7 support.

During the transportation, we strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • donor eggs transportation is carried out in a special container, due to its sensitiveness, the transportation is performed with great care;
  • the temperature of -196 C should be ensured in the course of the transfer of the material from one clinic to another;
  • not to be exposed to X-rays while examination of the parcel as it may result in degenerative changes of the gametes or embryos and provoke DNA changes and genetic mutations.

In addition, the transportation of biological material (shipping frozen donor eggs) outside the EU requires both the Sender and the Receiver to comply with all norms and standards and to prepare documents for customs clearance, which is not offered once the transport is performed by a mailing service.

Order First Egg Bank Courier Service:

Our logistic experts will process each order, work through all settlement operations to ensure it fully meets customer’s requirements.

To order FEB Courier Service please write us: courier@first-egg-bank 



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