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The task of transporting cryopreserved samples of biomaterial occupies nowadays a key position in a cycle of IVF services. The peculiarity of IVF sector often leads clinics and medical centers into finding new options for solving the problem of infertility and the patients themselves into changing the geography of their treatment. Consequently, the ivf transporting has nowadays become as relevant as ever.

In the matter of transporting biological material, our company adopts an individual approach to each client and ensures quality service and ongoing support. Hundreds of our customers and partners around the world have already experienced the benefits of our service. Our clients are medical centers as well as highly specialized IVF clinics and in the same time our service is available for private individuals.

First Egg Bank Courier Service can be used by a variety of industries to assist with frozen shipping needs. With our cryogenic shippers, logistics know-how and dedicated customer service, we can provide you with total cold-chain support:

  • IVF clinics
  • IVF laboratories
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Animal Health

IVF patients and clinics use First Egg Bank Courier Service for a variety of reasons:

  • transporting specimens from one clinic to another,
  • PGD/PGS scanning,
  • utilizing Macroarray technology,
  • participating in a surrogacy program etc.

We have been worked with  fertility clinics and patients from all around the world and understand the importance of reproductive cells cryoshippments and the requirements of clinics, customs and airlines.

Our courier service  has already delivered frozen embryos, sperm and eggs to more than 20 countries, including Israel, Brazil, Macedonia, Spain, Poland ,Russia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, USA and Canada.



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