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When’s was the las time you received a great thank you? BECOME AN EGG DONOR!

Your help will make a difference in the lives of a lot of people all around the world. Could you imagine it? You can give health and hope to the couples without children. First Egg Bank is thankful to all our egg donors for their kind heart and clearly mind, we appreciate people who understand that helping to another will make them stronger and better. We pride our selves on our selection of healthy and committed female egg donor. That is why success rates of egg donation programs using vitrified egg donor oocytes are really hight. Our donors participate in egg donation program multiply times, First Egg Bank always check them for diseases, check their health and always joyful to see them happy. To become an egg donor, review our requirements below and remember – it is never too late to do something and prove it.

Qualifications to donate eggs:

  • age between 18 and 36 years;
  • have at least one own healthy child;
  • do not have any negative phenotypic manifestations;
  • are physically and health;
  • no contraindications for participation in oocyte donation;
  • absence of hereditary diseases;
  •  no bad habits, addictions, alcoholism and substance abuse.

List of required documents for oocyte donation:

  •  an agreement with the donor of oocytes of conscious, voluntary, informed and written consent of the donor for the oocyte donation program and conduction of controlled stimulation of ovulation and ovarian puncture;
  •  the donor’s husband written consent to oocyte donation of his wife;
  •  egg donor personal and medical profile.



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