“I have taken part in donation program 4 times and can say clearly that it was safe, I didn’t have any problems with my health. Health Care Professionals work in the clinic and they do their best to make donors feel comfortable. If there weren’t donors in our world, the would be less happiness of the motherhood. So don’t be afraid, because for other people you might be the last chance to have a baby, I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to help not to be afraid and give the childless family a chance on happy motherhood”.


“I become an egg donor without hesitation. Because I understand that I will give a chance for childless families to get their long-awaited happiness. Donation is completely safe for a woman’s body, everything  is controlled by a doctor. I have done all necessary tests, which in our time is very important – by the way, all for free, it is also a big plus. Every time I glad to come to the clinic, because I am sure in the competence of the attending staff. And I know that my little participating will bring someone extreamly joy and happiness”.


“Somehow my eyes saw an Egg donation program. For a long time I wasconsidering, was reading reviews on the Internet, consulting with my husband. So I decided to tell the truth, it was very scary, but the clinic staff was so friendly that I felt like at home. After returning  home after the first program and I looked at my  two beautiful children, I I realized that all i’ve done is very good and a good deed. I am glad that very soon the couple will also hug their  baby and feel how baby smells, hear her breathing and the heartbeat”.


“Why women become en egg donors? Probably everyone has their own reason - someone would like to improve their financial situation and someone desire to give someone a feeling of fatherhood. I am pleased to know that I can be involved into this process and give this piece of luck to another couples”.


“I took part in an Egg donation program not in the first years, so for sure I can say that this program is not harmful. After the third program I took a short break, as well as planned to have one more baby. I did not have any difficulties in getting pregnant and after childbirth I returned. Account of the medical staff, I'm confident and absolutely trust them, they are qualified and always ready to answer differend questions. About compensation everybody claims that this is too small amount, but I do not think so, because we should  think about the other side of this progtam. I wish everyone a good luck and do not be afraid !!!”


"How to be an Egg donor?" Before this time I did not even thought about it. When I came to Firstb Egg Bank on gynecological examination I was offered in the donation program. Yes, I immediately agreed. And I have no regrets, because me and my husband know and understand how it is when you can’t hear the word like"mom"and  "dad". About the compensation, right, there is opportunity to raise their financial status, while not all take part in the program because of the money. I am grateful to all donation department for their professionalism and care !!!


"Congratulations to the future child!

I am sure that you will born in this world when it should happen, or when your parents will plan it.

This is why I am writing this letter for you after a lot of years to understand how this story has begun.

My name is Sikorska Katerina and I have decided to become an egg donor. First of all, because of financialcompensation, but when I gave birth to my second daughter, I understood how completed and happy family is where are children in it.So I would like to help some women to become a mother too and feel this joy of motherhood.

Now I will introduce myself a little bit. In my family were born mostly girls. They grew up like a women with the ambitious nature. I am not an exception: dynamic, hardworking, but now I'm sitting at home with smaller daughter (she is 1 year and 3 months now.). I like cooking, sew beads, listen to the music (light rock or jazz). I am a Taurus in the Zodiac and sometimes I am stubborn, but I learned that you should learn how to be compliant an adaptive (depending on situation – where need to show firmness). I am trying to get all by myself, as more as I can. But when it becomes difficult I am asking my friends to help. After  second birth I have them more than before. I always knew that I will be a good mother. I work as a tourism manager, every day I communicate with a lot of  people. I really liked to read books, now I have no time. At school I have studied more humanitarian subjects but I also like math.

That's probably all I had to tell you. I really want that life is easy on you. I wish you loving parents and happiness fot all your family".

Sincerely, Mrs. Sikorska.



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