Egg donor plans

We offer IVF clinics and individual patients the Low Price Egg Donor Package for the best price 320€ per 1 vitrified oocyte.

From this moment, you are not limited with the specific number of donor eggs and have an opportunity to create a unique set of oocytes from the donors you liked by your own. Extended donor profiles, adult photos, search criteria and booking system – everything you need for easy egg donor selection is available in our online catalog.

Follow our Gallery of small batches  to enjoy the benefits of this offer and find the best egg donor match for an IVF cycle.


How many frozen donor eggs should I order to get pregnant?


One of the biggest areas of confusion for patients is the question “How many eggs should I order to get pregnant?”. With most fertility treatments, there is a definite and fairly quick feedback: the more eggs – the more chances!

We will explain how many eggs patients need to order to ensure the highest chance of a baby (live birth rate):

  • The chance that a single frozen donor egg will lead to a live birth is about 2% to 12%
  • The chance to have a live birth from 5 oocytes is about 20 to 25%
  • Statistical data of FEB shows 91% of clinical pregnancy in case 3 blastocyst have been available for a patient.
We recommend the set of 8 oocytes in order to have an ability to increase patient’s success with cumulative transfers.
  • By ordering 12 oocytes you significally increase chances to have high quality embryos. From our statistics we expect to have 4-5 embryos for the transfer.

Summing up, we suggest to consider 8 and 12 oocytes as a "Gold Standard", which will ensure the highest clinical pregnancy rates and successful outcome of your treatment cycle.





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