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EMBRYOLOGY KIT is a set of innovative materials which include detailed manual and video on oocyte warming – advanced ART technique that made a breakthrough in the sphere of infertility treatment. In case the specialists of your clinic currently do not have a command of vitrified oocytes thawing technique and can not deal with vitrified oocytes, Embryology KIT will help you in  successful acquisition of the vitrified oocytes thawing technique and will reveal all secrets which will help you to increase the percentage of survived oocytes.

We guarantee

We guarantee that by purchasing Embryo Kit and accomplishing the training, you will be able to implement acquired knowledge in the everyday practice of your clinic as well as gain considerable advances in vitrified oocytes warming, as Embryology Kit is designated for both professionals and embryologists who only strive at its acquisition.

Precise adhering to the principles laid out in this manual, to a great extend, guarantee 92%  survival rate of vitrified oocytes. We reckon, that our manual will become a book for constant reading for every practicing embryologist.

The FEB’s embryologists have been practicing oocyte and embryo vitrification for 10 years in leading IVF clinics which belong to Medicover group - a healthcare company that helps many thousands of people in Central and Eastern Europe, Germany and UK, to improve and sustain their health in 14 countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey and UK - which allowed us to accumulate a profound and vast experience due to the fact that we have been using various media, carriers and refined our masterhood, introduce modifications on the existing techniques and achieve striking results.


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