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Embryo donation is an exciting new option in modern infertility treatment offered at our First Egg Bank.

Frozen embryos have been thawed and used to successfully achieve pregnancy for many years. For some couples and individuals, donor embryos may give them a better chance of having a family than using donor sperm or eggs.

We can help people who need donated embryos to fulfil their dream of having a baby. Our extensive experience in providing fertility treatment using donated eggs, sperm and embryos prompted us to establish a safe environment for potential embryodonors and recipients to meet and in essence speed up the matching process to enable treatment to begin more quickly. First Egg Bank has a huge list with wide variety of our immediately available donated high quality blastocyst.

The average success rate for each treatment cycle using donor embryos is slightly higher than the average success rate for conventional IVF across all age groups, as donor embryos must be comprised of a donor egg from someone 35 or under and donor sperm from someone aged 40 or under.

Frozen donor eggs success rates.

Using donor embryos, from donated sperm and donated eggs, offers excellent chances of a successful pregnancy for women who are struggling with infertility and are not getting pregnant with in vitro fertilization (IVF). First Egg Bank offers frozen donor eggs success rate of 80%-85% survival rate and 65% clinical pregnancy rate.

Frozen donor embryo plans and costs.

​First Egg Bank offers 3 different options of Embryo Donation:

  • Embryo creation. We propose to create frozen donor embryos from vitrified oocytes, choosen from our online egg donor catalog and fertilizied with patient's shipped/fresh sperm.
  • Embryo creation. Double donation. We propose to create frozen donor embryos from vitrified oocytes and sperm samples choosen from our online Egg&Sperm donor catalogs.
  • Frozen donor embryos already created with the use of sperm and oocytes donated by First Egg Bank's donors.

Learn more about embryo donation cost and frozen donor embryos cost .

Online Frozen Donor Embryos Catalog.

We offer our clients a possibility to choose frozen embryos online on Donor Embryos catalog.

By registering on the catalog you will find:

  • Frozen donor embryos profiles (free childhood sperm donor photos, free childhood and adulthood photos of egg donor; complete personal profiles of egg and sperm donors).
  • Anonymous and Open ID donors.
  • Caucasian, African, Asian phenotypes.
  • 7 days free access to the online catalog.

embryo catalog web feb

Discount and Offers.

First Egg Bank offers 30% OFF for frozen donor embryos. Instead of the regular price of 6420 euros, we provide an exlusive offer of 4400 euros per 2 frozen donor embryos. Reach our coordinators to choose frozen donor embryos sets according to egg&sperm donor phenotypes.



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