image 20200715 072815First Egg Bank is European egg donor bank, located in Ukraine. Chinese intended parents, who are looking for asian donor eggs from abroad may now select them in Europe through First Egg Bank.

First Egg Bank enlist more than 450 egg donors, who are screened according to EU-Tissue Directive 2004/23EC, 2006/17/EC and 2006/86/EC.

Which egg donor options FEB offers for Chinese patients?

  • Asian phenotype egg donors.
  • Batches of 6, 8 and 12 frozen donor eggs.
  • Non-anonymous and anonymous egg donors.
  • Donors between the ages of 18 to 30 with various Asian cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Online egg donor catalog
  • Embryo creation options.
  • Courier service.

Advantages for Chinese patients:

  • We offer vitrified oocytes, so you do not need to wait
  • Oocytes can be booked immediately
  • Chinese speaking coordinator
  • First Egg Bank offer unique service of matching donor and IP
  • Extended donor profile, medical history, adult and childhood photos for each egg donor
  • Chinese, Japan, Thailand, Korean, Malaysian beautiful young egg donors
  • Donor health control. Full donor screening: genetic, lab, diagnostic tests
  • All donors are physically and mentally healthy We provide guarantees of the quality of reproductive service
  • Easy to select. Donor search is conducted through free online donor catalogue with pictures and donor personal profile.
  • Special offer. Elite donors of extraordinary beauty, high educational level and professional model photoshoots are available in our VIP egg donor catalogue.
  • We can provide safe and fast shipment of biomaterial to your treatment facility

Asian Egg donor catalog

First Egg Bank propose Intended Parents special egg donor online catalog. It is translated into Chinese language for suitable use. Patients can use opеion “filters” on the right side of a page to find their perfect egg donor. Our coordinator will be in touch with patient every time, answer for all question IP may have.

Please visit our online egg donor catalog to see diversity of egg donors and choose your perfect match!

Once you choose the donor, please contact our coordinator to see extended donor profile, medical history, childhood and adult photo.

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Advantages purchasing Asian eggs at First Egg Bank (to compare to USA egg banks and agencies)

One of the key goals set by First Egg Bank’s team is to provide the richest choice of donors for everyone who experiences challenges in their struggle with infertility.

We fully understand how it is important to satisfy the needs of each patient looking for the high quality biomaterial and professional approach towards the problem of infertility. We provide medical screening, genetic test and psychologist examination. Our prices are much lover in compare with USA egg banks and in the same time quality of our biomaterial are on the same level and we providing excellent  medical service. By using our biomaterial you can be sure that it screened according the scheme, provided by EU Tissue Directive. 



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