First Egg Bank is proud to provide a wide range of fertility options for LGBT couples. Our coordinators will assist you with LGBT family-building by advising the best egg and sperm donor profiles, as well as already created donor embryos.

Most people used to believe in the existing generally accepted family pattern of Father, Mother and Kids. However, what is the option for those who do not fall under this category? In fact, nowadays the number of people with non-heterosexual orientation is increasing greatly, as well as their desire to become parents. Since our society is gradually making steps towards wider recognition of gay and lesbian individuals, the latter, in their turn, fully explore the opportunities for making their life-long dreams come true – and one of them is creating a happy family.


Fertility options for LGBT:

  • Egg Donation. Finding an egg donor in our database of vitrified donor oocytes. The donor can be anonymous or Open ID egg donor.
  • Frozen donor embryos already created with the use of sperm and oocytes donated by First Egg Bank's donors.
  • Surrogacy cycle at one of ivf clinics we cooperate with. We recommend to perform surrogacy treatment at following fertility clinics: IVF Panama, ISF Panama, Halitus Instituto Medico (Argentine, Buenos Aires). In this countries surrogacy is completely legal. Fertility clinics mentioned abow are using vitrified high quality oocytes and sperm samples from First Egg Bank.


How could LGBT couples achieve that aim before?

Over the years on the way to parenthood and continuing generation gay and lesbian individuals had been facing much more unique challenges than anyone else did. Before now they would rather forget about their dream and live a lie by getting married in order to have kids. In addition to that, they would simply adopt children from the orphanage and raise them as their own what is not an easy decision both morally and mentally. Moreover, preparation of all necessary documents is always a time-sapping procedure which requires much effort and patience.


So what is the best opportunity for LGBT families to have kids today?

Nowadays, due to technological advance and rapid development of reproductive medicine, there are many options available for LGBT couples. A real way for gay men and women to create a family and breathe life into a little child is to use egg or sperm donation. It is undoubtedly not an easy process followed possibly by certain hesitations and obstacles but it is the personal investment of any LGBT family into creation of their bright future full of children's joy and laughter. That is why a professional and self-devoted team of First Egg Bank is ready to guide you through this process and give you a hand in any difficult situation, which may arise.   


Egg Donation options for LGBT couples.

Being the biggest European egg donor bank of vitrified oocytes and sperm, First Egg Bank has a wide range of egg and sperm donor material provided by more than 450 egg donors and 200 sperm donors of different phenotypes - Slavic, Asian and African. There will be no need to look for an egg donor for gay couples, as well as a sperm donor for lesbian couples accordingly, since it is a great time and monetary investment into donors’ screening, travel expenses and, of course in vitro fertilization program itself, which is required in this case. We have already done everything for your convenience. You may be sure that First Egg Bank comprises biomaterial only from healthy and carefully screened donors who inevitably have at least one healthy child. All the donors are available in online catalogs with the following basic information included:

  • photo;
  • blood type;
  • weight;
  • height;
  • hair type;
  • education;
  • current occupation;
  • interests and hobbies;
  • children.

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Dear LGBT couples who have an intention to become parents! Welcome on board of First Egg Bank. Let us help you fulfil the biggest dream of your life and share the joy of parenthood with you!

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