Selecting an egg donor is one of the hardest decision for couples looking for egg donors. It is not so easy to realize that you must use genetic materials from another woman, but you can make a decision faster if you will see the right candidate.

Choosing and booking of egg donors is transparent and accessible. At your request our team of professionals will help you to select exact egg donor that will fully meet your wishes. Each client will feel an individual approach to him and his uniqueness.

In our catalog you will find a lot of nice young girls who want to help and become egg donors – both with the experience in donation and without it. The database is constantly updated and the only difficulty is to choose one exact donor. Photos of donors in childhood are available to all patients without exception, adults and children photos of donors only on request.

To start the egg donor selection process, sign up for access to our egg donor database. At the moment we have more than 450 egg donors available for stimulation in the fresh cycles and more than 5000 vitrified donor oocytes in our bank. First Egg Bank provides partner clinics and  intended parents with a top quality donor oocytes. Specially for you we had developed a filter system, which make the select egg donors process very easy. All you need to do – is using the option #filters# on our database to set the required search criteria : blood type, hair and eyes color, etc. You will be surprised how quiсkly you will choose perfect donor.

First Egg Bank will save your time, we are responsibly for the selection of our donors. We have gathered our best, time-tested advice to help you begin the donor selection process. We believe that the child you have via this process is the child you are meant to have, and will be the most beautiful, amazing, perfect child you have ever saw. 



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