“Un donatore di seme per una famiglia” è la nostra offerta speciale che garantisce l’unicità del tuo futuro bambino.

Solo una dose di seme di questi donatori è stata congelata, quindi puoi essere sicuro che qualsiasi altra gravidanza sia esclusa. Se creare una famiglia e diventare madre è il tuo sogno - questa offerta è un’opportunità eccellente per realizzarlo proprio adesso.

Vantaggio del programma “Un donatore di seme per una famiglia”:

  • Certezza che il tuo futuro bambino sarà unico;
  • Assenza di altre gravidanze nel donatore scelto;
  • Qualità e affidabilità;
  • Possibilità di conservare il seme per 2 anni;
  • Possibilità di realizzare il sogno di diventare madre;
  • Coordinatore personale che ti fornirà tutta l’informazione necessaria.

Con l’offerta “Un donatore di seme per una famiglia” riceverai:

  • 1 fiala (coppa) con 2,0 ml del seme;
  • 2 anni di conservazione del seme;
  • Screening genetico ed esame del sangue incluso nel costo.

Formazione dei prezzi

Costo totale dell’offerta è di 1840 euro comprendente:

  • 1 fiala (coppa) del volume di 2,0 ml (1200 euro)
  • 2 anni di conservazione del seme (640 euro).

Consegna del seme non è inclusa nel costo. Per venire a sapere i dettagli del trasporto preghiamo di contattarci. Puoi anche informarti sull’informazione del nostro servizio di corriere all’indirizzo http://www.first-egg-bank.com/courier-service

List of Exlusive Sperm Donors


Intelligent tall man that works as a teacher, do sports, was a judo champion and loves cooking in free time sounds like an unrealizable dream to you? Well, we have found one!

At first sight GVV0885 might seem like a calm diligent child that loved learning. On the other hand, young man has soon realized that only being strong he can protect himself and the ones he loved. That is why he has started to visit judo section at 13. Judo is still an essential part of his life that helps him to keep himself in good shape.

GVV0885 follows healthy eating. So if you once guess what the so-called perfect man might be like, you definitely should not miss out this donor.


Since childhood it seemed like this young man was interested in everything. Biology or literature Olympiad? - Of course! Swimming competition? – Sure thing! Courses for young businessmen? – He is in! What is the main thing, whatever he tried he succeeded well.

Now MMM1194 works as a trade inspector. In his free time he swims, watches documentaries, enjoys motorcycling and follows the latest trends in the world of literature. Looking at him it is hard to stop wondering where the diversity ends.


This donor is of those people who notice all the smallest details and the beauty of this world. The details that other are too busy to pay attention to. PIA0790 painted his first picture when he was 5. From this moment all his feelings and emotions were embodied in his paintings. Though parents and friends advised him to do something more realistic, he remained faithful to himself and his passion.

Now PIA0790 is the respected artist. Moreover, he runs his art school where he helps young people to discover and develop their talent and fight for it.


This young man is inexhaustible source of cheerfulness and life energy. He is bodybuilder. As to the free time, SSO0791 likes active rest, for example travelling and hiking.
In addition, he has always been the life of the party. There is always many people gathered in his yard in the evenings playing guitar, singing songs and eating barbecue. Being with him people forget about their concerns and problems. SSO0791 likes laughing and having a good time. However, he can be serious in case it is necessary.


This donor might look like an ordinary young man of European appearance. But believe us, it is unlikely that you have ever met someone who is so kind and generous. Being a child TWM0387 constantly brought home stray cats and dogs and fed birds.
Our donor’s favorite subject at school was history. He has always believed that history helps us to understand the present and predict the future. At the moment TWM0387 works as university professor. He loves his job and always finds a common ground with his students. In addition, he has recently fulfilled his old dream and finally opened his own animal shelter.



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