We started our activity in 2008 and since then we have been helping our patients to start their families and new lives with their children and to bring to life their burning desire to enjoy the happiness of parenthood and to develop and grow together with their babies, making the world smiling and meaningful.

Our goal is to assist people all around the globe who faced infertility problems to start their journey to the long-dreamt-about own family and to support you through it in an honest and open way.

Thanks to united efforts of our competent team of professionals, availability of brand-new equipment and command of cutting-edge techniques, First Egg Bank supplies highest-quality vitrified donor oocytes, donor sperm samples and donor embryos as well as ensures 24/7 support.

With the constant availability of over 200 egg donors ready for stimulation in fresh cycles and more than 1000 highest quality vitrified donor oocytes, which can be instantly booked, we have established a close cooperation with leading IVF clinics in Europe.