Quality of oocytes (eggs) is a factor, which limits women’s fertility. Of course, sperm plays an important role in the formation of the embryo (number of father’s chromosomes and some factors, which are necessary for fertilization and further epigenetic changes) but the embryo’s destiny depends mainly on egg.

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10 Facts about sperm

Speed of movement

Human sperm cells move with great speed up to 4 mm per minute, the slowest are moving at a speed of 1 mm/min. At the same time, just imagine – the size of the sperm cell is only 55 microns in length; in other words, it is 0,055 mm. Average path length in the uterine tube is 175 mm, thus, in order to overcome this way sperm cells need 44 minutes, but that's in theory, in practice it takes 3 days.