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First Egg Bank provides high quality services and want to make the dream of parenthood achievable for more and more families, for this, we launched our sperm donor database.The stock of our bank exceeds 2000 immediately available donor sperm samples obtained from donors with diverse phenotypes. Sperm donor list is more than 200 sperm donors with different phenotypes and proven fertility. Find your best sperm donor with First Egg Bank!

All sperm donors who are available on the catalog are recruited by us and screened in compliance with requirements to sperm donation. We meet ISO and DQS standards, thoroughly select candidates for participation in our Sperm donation program due to strict complex preselection process based on:

  • age (healthy young men between 20 to 40 years old )
  • have at least one their biological child,
  • do not have detrimental habits
  • do not have negative phonotypical manifestations
  • have higher education

The rigorous screening of admitted donors envisages: Complete blood count, ABO-Rh blood typing, genetic testing (karyotyped and examined for the carriage of Cystis fibrosis mutations), are screened for HIV (1/2 types), HBV, HCV, RPR (Syphilis), Chlamydia, Cytomegalovirus, Trichomonas, Gonorrhea, drugs and alcohol. Undergo urological check up and are examined by a General Practice. The most important criteria for all our sperm donors is normospermia.

Sperm donor Catalog

To find sperm donor visit our on line gallery of sperm donors. To make the navigation on our sperm bank catalog easier, please use the filters for the preferred characteristics: available, eye and hair color, blood type, etc. Sperm donor profile includes childhood photos, complete sperm donor medical history, blood type, weight, height, ethnicity etc.

Advantages of our Sperm donor database are:

- A wide choice of donor material with different phenotypes.

- Constant increase in offered options.

- Absence of bad habits and proven fertility of sperm donors.

- Access to online interactive sperm donor catalog.

- Extended sperm donor profiles with childhood pictures.

- A complete assistance of our multilingual coordinator in patient-donor matching.

- Easy Sperm donor search.

- Professional, safe and timely delivery of your order by our Courier service in compliance with international regulations to gamete transportation.

We guarantee:
In our sperm donation program, we choose men with total active sperm (grade a+ grade b) over 40% and we guarantee minimum 5 million total motile sperm per ml after thawing The obtained samples are kept in quarantine for 180 days and released after the viral screening comes back negative again.