One of the key goals set by First Egg Bank’s team is to provide the richest choice of donors for everyone who experiences challenges in their struggle with infertility. However, UK patients in this relation are probably the one category that faces significant obstacles in finding the appropriate donor due to the list of obligatory requirements of HFEA (The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority) that have to be strictly followed.

HFEA Certified Egg Bank

Thanks to the long-term and successful experience of cooperation with the leading IVF clinics in UK as well as our own tough standards and processes, we manage to meet local legal regulations in terms of supplying vitrified donor eggs and sperm samples for the patients in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our perfectly aligned quality system, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and instructions specifically elaborated according to HFEA recommendations, ensure correspondence of First Egg Bank to the needs and demands of the UK market, which has been also proved by certain independent British auditors who have visited our facilities.


Non-anonymous donation

The majority of donors in First Egg Bank’s database have consented to non-anonymous donation by signing the relevant agreement allowing to the offspring to reveal donor’s personal information and even meet him or her in person at the age of 18. Moreover, our donors are fully screened and regularly rescreened in certified European laboratories to ensure excellent physical and mental health.


Success rates

Our everyday persistence and dedication to the patients made it real to achieve unsurpassed results in mutual cooperation with the British high class IVF units. Since 2016 one of the First Egg Bank’s partner clinics in UK has performed over 50 cycles, thawed over 700 oocytes with survival rate of 93%, blastulation rate of 48%, clinical pregnancy rate per transfer of 51% and cumulative pregnancy rate of 72% (when all embryos created from all oocytes transmitted to the cycle were transferred).


Donor Catalogs and Prices.

In order to search UK compliant egg donors, follow Online Egg donor database

For searching UK compliant sperm donors, go to Online Sperm catalog

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Shipment to UK

Transportating frozen donor eggs, sperm or embryos is up to 2 days. Prior to shipping all the donor consent forms, personal profiles and medical tests are to be passed to the clinic of the patient. In order to allow us enough time for arranging the necessary paperwork, we recommend our patients to address to us their requests in 3-4 weeks before the preferable date of biomaterial delivery.  Order IVF Cryoshipping 



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